My Porcelain Painting Journey

One of the last apprentice ceramic painters at Royal Worcester Porcelain Company,  I freehand painted their most prestigious vases under the watchful eye of the legendary Jack Freeman quickly becoming a leading artist at this renowned Company.  I left Royal Worcester Porcelain  in 1980 to pursue a freelance career as an artist and have continued to paint  full time ever since.
For my ceramic paintings I use only the highest quality English fine bone china, made locally in Worcestershire by ex-Royal Worcester employees, (including the grandson of the famous artist Harry Davis). Each piece is then individually hand painted, with meticulous attention to detail and fired several times in my own kiln to achieve the final depth of colour. Wildlife, game-birds, highland cattle, sheep, birds of prey, swans, still-life and country scenes feature prominently in my work but I have been commissioned to paint helicoptors and yachts on individual pieces for private collectors.
With the demise of the famous English porcelain companies the skills of the old factory artists will be lost forever. There is no doubt that the finest quality, individually hand painted porcelain pieces will become much sought after as time goes by.  Following in the footsteps of the great Royal Worcester artists Baldwyn, Davis, Powell and Stinton, pieces painted by Christopher Hughes have become highly collectable investment pieces.
Take a look at my current work for sale or contact me for commission enquiries.

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